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Zankel Hall Monday, April 3, 2017 at 7:30PM

Presenter: Cape Town Youth Choir

Orchestra: Cape Town Youth Choir

Conductor: Leon Starker

Weill Recital Hall Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 7:30PM

Carnegie Recital Hall Monday, November 17, 1975 at 8:00PM

Presenter: The Carnegie Hall Corporation

Main Hall Saturday, January 27, 1968 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Ron Delsener Enterprises

Main Hall Friday, January 15, 1965 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Felix Gerstman (1898–1967)

Orchestra: [unnamed orchestra]

Conductor: Hal Mooney

Main Hall Saturday, October 3, 1964 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Erberto Landi (1908–1971)

Orchestra: [unnamed orchestra]

Conductor: Giampiero Boneschi (1927–2019)

Main Hall Sunday, May 26, 1963 at 5:30PM

Presenter: Pawel Prokopieni (1910–1970)

Carnegie Recital Hall Friday, January 8, 1960 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Joseph Beinhorn

Carnegie Recital Hall Friday, January 20, 1956 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Lionel Rudko (1920–2000)

Main Hall Sunday, May 9, 1954 at 5:00PM

Presenter: United Concert Associates

Main Hall Monday, January 21, 1946 at 8:30PM

Presenter: National Concert and Artists Corporation

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