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Weill Recital Hall Monday, April 20, 2015 at 7:30PM

Presenter: The Carnegie Hall Corporation

Isaac Stern Auditorium / Ronald O. Perelman Stage Friday, April 25, 2008 at 8:00PM

Presenter: The Carnegie Hall Corporation

Weill Recital Hall Friday, September 26, 1997 at 7:30PM

Presenter: Other Presenter

Weill Recital Hall Sunday, April 16, 1995 at 2:00PM

Presenter: Dominican Classical Artists

Weill Recital Hall Thursday, May 3, 1990 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Williams Davis Associates

Main Hall Monday, January 9, 1989 at 7:30PM

Orchestra: [unnamed orchestra]

Conductor: Paul Bogaev

Main Hall Friday, December 5, 1980 at 8:00PM

Presenter: The Carnegie Hall Corporation

Main Hall Saturday, April 18, 1964 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Norman J. Seaman (1923–2009)

Orchestra: Hanover College Choir

Conductor: Donald E. Morrison

Main Hall Friday, November 30, 1962 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Felix Gerstman (1898–1967)

Main Hall Tuesday, November 20, 1962 at 8:00PM

Presenter: American Opera Society

Orchestra: American Opera Society

Conductor: Robert Craft (1923–2015)

Carnegie Recital Hall Saturday, March 22, 1958 at 6:00PM

Presenter: Norman J. Seaman (1923–2009)

Carnegie Recital Hall Sunday, October 30, 1955 at 8:30PM

Main Hall Wednesday, February 2, 1949 at 8:30PM

Presenter: W. Colston Leigh

Main Hall Thursday, May 1, 1947 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Carnegie "Pop" Concerts

Orchestra: Carnegie Pops

Conductor: David Broekman (1899–1958)

Main Hall Tuesday, April 22, 1941 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Alexander Merovitch

Main Hall Thursday, January 24, 1929 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Unknown presenter

Main Hall Wednesday, November 1, 1922 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Arthur Judson Management, Inc.

Main Hall Sunday, April 16, 1922 at 3:00PM

Presenter: Wolfsohn Musical Bureau

Main Hall Saturday, October 20, 1906 at 2:30PM

Presenter: Henry Wolfsohn (1842–1909)

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