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Carnegie Recital Hall Saturday, March 1, 1986 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Other Presenter

Carnegie Recital Hall Thursday, October 25, 1984 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Other Presenter

Carnegie Recital Hall Monday, October 25, 1982 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Zaccho Interntional

Main Hall Wednesday, May 27, 1981 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Soho News

Main Hall Sunday, March 30, 1980 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Festival Productions, Inc.

Orchestra: Woody Herman and The Young Thundering Herd

Conductor: Woody Herman (1913–1987)

Main Hall Sunday, May 16, 1976 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Columbia Artists Management, Inc.

Main Hall Tuesday, October 7, 1975 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Norwegian Immigration Sesquicentennial Commission of New York

Orchestra: Norwegian National Broadcasting Orchestra

Conductor: Øivind Bergh (1909–1987)

Main Hall Friday, April 18, 1975 at 8:00PM

Presenter: The Carnegie Hall Corporation

Orchestra: New York Jazz Repertory Company

Main Hall Tuesday, April 7, 1970 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Al Vann

Orchestra: Percussion Pops Orchestra

Conductor: Dick Schory

Main Hall Friday, January 15, 1965 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Felix Gerstman (1898–1967)

Orchestra: [unnamed orchestra]

Conductor: Hal Mooney

Carnegie Recital Hall Monday, May 20, 1963 at 8:30PM

Orchestra: New York Lyric Ensemble

Conductor: Ilana Rubenfeld (1934–2022)

Carnegie Recital Hall Friday, December 9, 1960 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Unknown presenter

Carnegie Recital Hall Thursday, December 17, 1959 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Norman J. Seaman (1923–2009)

Main Hall Sunday, April 13, 1958 at 5:30PM

Presenter: Violin, Viola, and Violoncello Teachers Guild

Main Hall Saturday, April 20, 1957 at 8:00PM

Presenter: New York Schools of Music, Inc.

Main Hall Sunday, February 25, 1945 at 8:00PM

Presenter: National Concert and Artists Corporation

Main Hall Sunday, February 21, 1943 at 8:45PM

Presenter: United Parents Associations of New York

Main Hall Friday, May 5, 1939 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Unknown presenter

Orchestra: Golden Hill Chorus

Conductor: Channing Lefebvre (1895–1967)

Main Hall Sunday, November 28, 1926 at 3:00PM

Presenter: Other Presenter

Main Hall Monday, March 31, 1924 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Mayor's Committee on Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Greater City of New York

Orchestra: [unnamed orchestra]

Conductor: Maurice Baron (1899–1964)

Main Hall Monday, January 22, 1923 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Union of American Hebrew Congregations

Main Hall Wednesday, October 19, 1921 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Wolfsohn Musical Bureau

Main Hall Sunday, October 31, 1915 at 3:00PM

Presenter: Charles A. Ellis

Main Hall Friday, April 24, 1914 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Interborough Dramatic Company

Main Hall Monday, March 3, 1913 at 8:15PM

Presenter: Loudon Charlton (1869–1931)

Main Hall Tuesday, June 13, 1911 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Manhattan College

Orchestra: [unnamed orchestra]

Main Hall Sunday, April 28, 1907 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Other Presenter

Orchestra: Van Baar's Orchestra

Conductor: Charles L. Van Baar (1872–1913)

Complete program of Cathedral School Silver Jubilee Celebration, April 28, 1907
Complete program of Cathedral School Silver Jubilee Celebration, April 28, 1907 
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Carnegie Hall Rose Archives 

Main Hall Friday, May 3, 1901 at 8:15PM

Presenter: New York Society for Ethical Culture

Orchestra: American Symphony Orchestra (Franko)

Conductor: Sam Franko (1857–1937)

Carnegie Lyceum Thursday, November 22, 1900 at 8:15PM

Presenter: American Academy of Dramatic Arts

Orchestra: [unnamed orchestra]

Conductor: John P. Von Achen

Carnegie Lyceum Thursday, May 13, 1897 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Unknown presenter

Conductor: H. R. Humphries (–1925)

Composer: Paul McCartney (1942–)

Arranger: Brandon Ridenour (1985–)

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