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Main Hall Wednesday, September 19, 1984 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Columbia Artists Management, Inc.

Main Hall Friday, June 29, 1973 at 7:30PM

Presenter: Festival Productions, Inc.

Main Hall Saturday, May 9, 1959 at 8:15PM

Presenter: Morning Freiheit

Main Hall Saturday, January 17, 1953 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Emma Lazarus Clubs of New York

Main Hall Saturday, May 8, 1943 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Jewish Music Alliance

Orchestra: People's Philharmonic Choral Society

Conductor: Max Helfman (1901–1963)

Chamber Music Hall Sunday, October 20, 1929 at 8:15PM

Presenter: Unknown presenter

Conductor: P.H. Boergermann

Main Hall Friday, November 12, 1909 at 3:30PM

Presenter: R. E. Johnston (1870–1932)

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