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Isaac Stern Auditorium / Ronald O. Perelman Stage Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 7:00PM

Main Hall Wednesday, May 31, 1989 at 7:30PM

Presenter: The Carnegie Hall Corporation

Carnegie Recital Hall Monday, April 24, 1961 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Norman J. Seaman (1923–2009)

Carnegie Recital Hall Friday, March 14, 1958 at 8:30PM

Presenter: S. Barone

Chamber Music Hall Friday, June 7, 1940 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Malone Monthly Musicales

Main Hall Wednesday, October 11, 1916 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Fred O. Renard

Main Hall Sunday, November 2, 1913 at 3:00PM

Presenter: R. E. Johnston (1870–1932)

Main Hall Monday, March 3, 1913 at 8:15PM

Presenter: Loudon Charlton (1869–1931)

Main Hall Tuesday, January 14, 1913 at 3:00PM

Presenter: Loudon Charlton (1869–1931)

Main Hall Sunday, October 4, 1908 at 3:00PM

Presenter: Loudon Charlton (1869–1931)

Carnegie Lyceum Tuesday, February 23, 1904 at 8:15PM

Presenter: Unknown presenter

Carnegie Lyceum Thursday, May 9, 1901 at 8:15PM

Presenter: J. Armour Galloway (1873–1934)

Carnegie Lyceum Thursday, April 26, 1900 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Sarah E. Ogden-Crane (–1914)

Chamber Music Hall Thursday, April 9, 1896 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Unknown presenter

Main Hall Sunday, February 25, 1894 at 8:15PM

Presenter: Symphony Society of New York

Orchestra: New York Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Walter Damrosch (1862–1950)

Chamber Music Hall Tuesday, March 8, 1892 at 8:30PM

Presenter: Unknown presenter

Chamber Music Hall Saturday, October 31, 1891 at 8:00PM

Presenter: Society for Ethical Culture Young Men's Union

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